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Sometimes anger just erupts.  You can’t seem to help yourself.  Frustrations mount.  Annoyances pile up. You explode.

Once anger starts, it can quickly get out of control and burn through your whole day.  A flare up in one part of your life can decimate another.

Joyful Springers cap it off.  When they get angry, they quickly find a reason to let the anger go and feel better.

Bottling anger isn’t a good idea, but neither is letting it turn into a conflagration.  Once you express your anger or acknowledge it, release it and find another avenue for your attention, one that can bring you back to peace.

… another wise tidbit from a joyful English Springer Spaniel.

[Rainy's back. This 7-month old cutie (more like 10 weeks old in this photo) lives with her family in Portland, Oregon, where she loves to run in the dog park, tear up paper, and sleep in her owners' bed.  Thanks, Rainy, for guest starring again on The Joyful Springer.]

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