Know You’re Pretty

know youre pretty sweet pea and poppy Know Youre Pretty

We live in an other-oriented society … too often looking to others to tell us if we’re okay or not.

Joyful Springers know they’re pretty.  They don’t need compliments to feel beautiful; they just ARE beautiful, and they are always aware of their beauty.

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you that you look good.  Don’t compare yourself to some standard set forth by fashion magazines or other media.  Know in your heart that you look great … and you always will!

[Sweet Pea and Poppy are back. Today, Poppy turns one year old!  Happy Birthday to Poppy.  I think we all agree that Poppy, and her sister, Sweet Pea, are as pretty as can be! icon smile Know Youre Pretty ]

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 Know Youre Pretty

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Slip Between

Slip between zoey Slip Between

Even though nothing can ever happen anyplace but in the present, we spend most of our time thinking about the past or the future.

Joyful Springers slip between.  They glide through life easily by being so conscious of the present moment that neither thoughts of the past nor the future can pull them from enjoying life.

If you’re constantly rehashing what went wrong before and/or worrying about what could happen next, take a breath and ease through your day on the power of the present  moment.

[Meet Zoey.  She was 8 months old in this photo, and it was her first night in foster care.  She was a bit shy.  Her foster mom, Leila Morris says, "Within 24 hours she was no longer shy; she was playing, running and having a ball."  Zoey now has a forever home in North Carolina, and she's a very happy girl. Thanks, Zoey, for being a Guest Star on The Joyful Springer.]

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 Slip Between

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Proceed Playfully

Precede Playfully Rudie and Jackie Proceed Playfully

Life is like a grassy field full of dandelions … the dandelions are the chores that pop up like weeds throughout our days.  If we face those chores with a grumbling attitude, the negativity will dilute whatever pleasure we find between the weeds.

Joyful Springers procede playfully.  Instead of being bothered by tasks they don’t enjoy, they romp through the weeds of scutwork, making a game out of duty.

Whenever you’re faced with drudgery, see if you find a way to turn it into hilarity.  Sprinkling silliness into your labor turns toiling into frolicking.  And the more you frolic, the better you’ll feel, no matter what you’re doing.

[Rudie and Jackie are back. Rudie might be the little brother, but clearly he knows how to lead, and obviously does it playfully. icon smile Proceed Playfully ]

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 Proceed Playfully

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Ignore The Gnawers

Ignore the gnawers Nana Zoey Ignore The Gnawers

It’s a part of life … people want things from us.  Sometimes they want more than we can give, and they keep working at us until we capitulate.

Joyful Springers ignore the gnawers.  They don’t let others talk them into doing something that doesn’t feel right, even if others try to pile on the guilt.

You can never truly help another person from a posture of “have to.”  Guilt avoidance doesn’t create the kind of positive energy required for genuine caring.  But when you give from your fullness, from your true desire to help, you have the power to change lives.  Don’t dilute that power by letting others nag you into things you don’t want to do.

[Zoey and Nana are back.  As you can see, Nana does her best to ignore her gnawing foster buddy. icon smile Ignore The Gnawers ]

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 Ignore The Gnawers

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Insinuate Yourself

insinuate yourself butch and marty Insinuate Yourself

Most people have dreams that believe are unachievable;  they can only stand back and long for what they want from afar.

Joyful Springers insinuate themselves.  They find a way to feel, right now, as if their dream is reality.  By doing that, they put themselves in a mindset that gives them the guidance they need to turn that make-believe into actuality.

What do you want?  As long as you feel like you don’t have it, you’ll hold yourself apart from it.  Get into your dream by closing in on it in your imagination … then watch it come to life for real.

[Butch and Jeter are back.  Butch may have wanted to take a nap, but Jeter was working on his insinuation skills.  Judging from that sweet posture and look, I'd say he's a master of it already. icon smile Insinuate Yourself ]

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 Insinuate Yourself

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Ducky levitating Levitate

Gravity may hold us down, but nothing else has to.

Joyful Springers levitate.  They rise up in defiance of anything that wants to keep them pinned.

No matter what obstacles seem to be pressing on you, you can float above them.  Aim for solutions and the success you want to achieve by doggedly keeping your sights on what you want instead of any “facts” about why you can’t get it.

[Ducky wanted the stick her daddy had so much that she shot straight up in the air to get it. icon smile Levitate ]

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Be Alert To The Mystical

Be alert to the mystical ritz Be Alert To The Mystical

We live in a physical world, and it’s easy to get so caught up in it that we forget that it is just a tiny fraction of reality.  True reality, the reality that encompasses everything, is an unseen one, an intelligence that connects all things.

Joyful Springers are alert to the mystical.  When life feels overwhelming or difficult, they remind themselves that under the physical circumstances is spiritual meaning that can lead them through the tough times to better ones.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  The power that created worlds flows through you and around you.  When you’re aware of it, you will find far more joy and beauty in your life.

[Ritz is back. Just before this photo, Ritz had her stitches removed and was released from vet care after a major surgery.  Her momma, Joan Howe, who took this magical shot, stopped on the way home to give Ritz a few minutes of freedom.  Doesn't it look like Ritz is surrounded by Divine Light? icon smile Be Alert To The Mystical ]

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 Be Alert To The Mystical

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Put Up Heart Antennae

Put Up Heart Antennae Put Up Heart Antennae

Why does falling in love feel so good?  Because when we first fall in love, we send and receive with our hearts.

Joyful Springers put up heart antennae.  They set their frequency to love, which means they look with love and hear with love and speak with love.

If you want to feel the joy of first love all the time, tune into it.  Aim your attention at what you appreciate about others and about yourself.  Process everything through this intention, and you’ll put out and pull in love with ease.

[Sweet Pea and Poppy are back. Their momma, Denise, said her Valentine's portrait didn't go quite as planned because Sweet Pea and Poppy "want to play, not to sit around posing."  I'd say it turned out great anyway.  Aren't they cute valentines? icon smile Put Up Heart Antennae ]

Happy Valentine’s Day and Ducky kisses to you and yours!

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 Put Up Heart Antennae

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Keep Your Lead In Flurries

Keep your lead in flurries Ranger Keep Your Lead In Flurries

Life can get pretty chaotic.  Sometimes it can feel like we’re tiny flakes in a raging blizzard of responsibilities and decisions.

Joyful Springers keep their lead in flurries.  They know that when they remember who they are and what they stand for, they will always find their way.

When your life seems like it’s in a white-out, take some time to think about your values.    Your path is always clearer when you hook yourself to what matters to you most.

[Meet Ranger.  Lelia Morris fostered this handsome guy.  She says "Ranger's Dad got a long Army assignment and could not take him; so he came into rescue and was adopted by the Smith family in South Carolina.  He is now showered with love and kisses from three little girls." Thanks, Ranger, for being a Guest Star on The Joyful Springer.]

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 Keep Your Lead In Flurries

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Dig Up Stumps

Dig up stumps Mattie Dig Up Stumps

We may not talk about bad memories, but they can still take over our lives if we don’t deal with them.

Joyful Springers dig up stumps.  They aren’t content to leave things buried because they know that what they face and let go of can’t negatively impact their lives.

If you wanted a nice safe playing field, you wouldn’t leave it littered with stumps.  So why leave your psyche cluttered up with events that haunt you?  Stuffing bad memories and pretending they don’t exist doesn’t work.  If you want to keep them from messing up your life, pull them out by the roots; take a look at them, accept them, and then make conscious decision to put them behind you.

[Mattie's back.  Brenda McGee's lovely girl is so very busy.  In this photo, she's working at digging up a stump in her grandpa's yard.  Go Mattie! icon smile Dig Up Stumps ]

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 Dig Up Stumps

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