Wait Upon A Comforter

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Goals require sacrifice …. or so we’re told.  And because we believe that, we often deprive ourselves of things that will bring us joy because we think doing so will get us something we want.

Joyful Springers wait upon a comforter.  They understand that giving things up and feeling miserable aren’t necessary to reach goals.  They know that indulging in things that feel good and comfortable is the fastest way to achieve their desires.

When you feel miserable, you aren’t at your best.  Your energy isn’t as high as it could be.  Your inner voice is muted.  So when you deprive yourself of comfort, you are actually moving away from goals.  While you “wait” for things you want, be sure you indulge in as many things that make you feel good now as you possibly can.  If you do this, you’ll find that your goal-oriented actions will be far more powerful.

[Stella Luna, Stoney, and Steeler are back.  In this photo, these beauties are waiting for their "brother," (their momma, Debbie Vaclavik's son) to come home from a trip.  Judging from their eager expressions, I bet he got one heck of a greeting when he arrived.  icon smile Wait Upon A Comforter ]

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