Go With What You Have

Go With What You Have Riley Go With What You Have

We spend way too much time lamenting what we lack.

Joyful Springers go with what they have.  They aren’t concerned about what they can’t do; they care only about what they CAN do.

Whenever you find yourself thinking you don’t have enough of this or that, whether it’s personal qualities or external resources, start thinking about what you DO have.  Make a list of your assets, both personal and external.  Use your awareness of what you have going for you to help you race into the life you want to live.

[Meet Riley.  This five year old handsome guy is a "failed" foster dog.  Sheri Leider took Riley from a shelter back in August last year.  She says, “He was going to be put to sleep later that day if no one pulled him.  He had mange, fleas, a leg that was dead, heartworm, etc.  He became the Special needs boy of North Carolina, and we nursed him to health.”  As you can see, Riley’s front leg was amputated, but that’s not problem for him.  Sheri ended up making Riley part of her family, and she says Riley “is now the happiest boy, always a wiggle butt.  He runs, jumps and swims!!  He is loving life along with his Springer brother, Blaze.”  Blaze was a Guest Star on the Joyful Springer last year.  Riley obviously knows how to go with what he has, and it looks like he’s going fast! icon smile Go With What You Have   Thank you, Riley, for being a Guest Star on The Joyful Springer!]

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