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Be tender with hearts Be Tender

Actor Peter Ustinov said, “Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.”

Joyful Springers are tender.  They practice forgetting what their loved ones have done wrong; they instead see their loved one through the eyes of warmth and affection.

If you’re feeling disconnected from someone you love, you have probably let slights and hurts build up between you.  Just for today, let all of that go, and look at your loved one as though the slate has been wiped clean.  See them not through the fog of old resentments but instead through the crystal clarity of cherishing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

[River and Henry are back.  Their momma, Abby, labeled this photo perfectly:  "True luv." icon smile Be Tender ]

Andrea (Ande) Rains Waggener, is an author and fanatical dog mom and a practicing Joyful Springer.

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  • Brenda McGee:

    What a perfect Valentine’s photo! They are just so sweet together. True love it is. And it’s so true, that our springers are so forgiving and on to the next loving interaction, no matter what stupid things their humans have done. Happy Valentine’s Day to Ande, Ducky and Tim! From Brenda and Mattie

    • Ande:

      I agree, Brenda, that the photo is perfect for today. I was so glad Abby sent it to me. I hope you and Mattie are having a lovely Valentine’s Day. Tim works all day today, until 1 a.m., but he papered the house with Happy Valentine’s Day signs he printed off the computer. :) I slipped a huge Chocolate Kiss and a card in with his meal. Ducky and I will have a quiet evening watching the Olympics (she likes the skiers for some reason).

      • Brenda McGee:

        Too bad Tim had to work, but it sounds like you all are having a wonderful day anyway with lots of love all around the house! Mattie and I have had a good day (warm and lovely here for a change!). We’ll likely watch the Olympics tonight too….that means that we will snuggle on the sofa and she will nap while I watch it. She has not developed an interest in watching the snow sports….she just like romping in it!

  • Jackie's Mom:

    So sweet. They are obviously best buds.

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