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We are often taught that the more discerning we are, the better we are.  We sometimes think that being picky is a sign of good breeding … only simpletons will settle for “less than.”  This, however, is limited thinking.

Joyful Springers are pliable.  They know that being content with even the lowest quality gives them the freedom to be happy no matter what comes their way.

The problem with having specific requirements (a certain thread count in the sheets, a certain brand of food, the “right” designer shoes etc) is it paves the way for a lot of disappointment and frustration.  If you’re feeling a lot of longing or unhappiness, it might be that you’ve set such high standards that you’re not allowing yourself to experience the joy in whatever you already have.  Try throwing out all those “must haves”; you might find that your life is better than you thought it was.

Ruby’s back.  Could a girl be any more pliable than this?  Talk about relaxed! icon smile Be Pliable   I’m not sure when her Daddy, Gary, ever gets to use his easy chair.  Ruby seems to think it’s hers.  Here’s another photo of her easy chair pliability:

Be pliable 2 Be Pliable

Andrea (Ande) Rains Waggener, is an author and fanatical dog mom and a practicing Joyful Springer.

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  • Brenda McGee:

    Ruby definitely is a perfect example of relaxed and I think that is HER chair….like Mattie has HER blue chair at our house….the chair with the best view of the street and the TV. Our springers are very wise and set such a good example for making themselves happy under current conditions….whatever they might be. No need to waste any time being anything but joyful!

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