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When we hit an obstacle, we often get stopped in our tracks.  But barriers don’t have to block us.

Joyful Springers knock it down.  When they encounter a problem, they find a way to solve it; and they move on.

Every problem has a solution.  If you keep your eye on your goal, you’ll often find the inspiration you need to brush aside pesky problems.  When you have an obstacle, try visualizing it as a defenseless potted plant you can easily whack over with your paw icon wink Knock It Down .  Just shifting your energy in this playful way can be enough to open you up to ways around whatever is in your path.

[Mattie's back, and she's busily in pursuit of lizards.  The plant in this photo was in her way, so she knocked it down.  Her momma, Brenda, wrote to me about Mattie, "She has knocked over many other plants and broken off many other plants while hunting.  I think maybe the lizards had been hiding on the porch to avoid the cold nights.  She is very persistent!" icon smile Knock It Down   Below are a few more photos of Mattie, The Great Lizard Hunter.]

Knock it down 4 Knock It Down

Knock it down 2 Knock It Down

Knock it down 3 Knock It Down

Andrea (Ande) Rains Waggener, is an author and fanatical dog mom and a practicing Joyful Springer.

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  • Brenda McGee:

    Go Mattie! So persistent and she will definitely knock over anything that’s in her way! She is such an effective problem solver. Thanks for featuring my little superstar again. Tomorrow is her sixth “birthday”, the anniversary of her adoption from ESRA.

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