Multiply Fun

Multiply fun Multiply Fun

Life zips along.  We have good times and bad.  We can’t really control what the ratio is.  Or can we?

Joyful Springers multiply fun.  Instead of just taking the bad and the good whenever they come, they deliberately focus on the good and milk it for all it’s worth … thereby doubling it and growing it into the more consistent experience in their lives.

Have you ever noticed that a wonderful event can zip past without you realizing it was as fun as it was?  One way to have more joy in your life is to zero in on every pleasant experience and really take it in.  When you let all your pleasures sink into your spirit, you truly can experience heaven on earth.

[Jade's back.  Her daddy, Gary, wrote to me about this photo, "Two toys are better than one."  Jade is clearly trying to keep the toys away from her big sister, Ruby. icon smile Multiply Fun ]

Andrea (Ande) Rains Waggener, is an author and fanatical dog mom and a practicing Joyful Springer.

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  • Brenda McGee:

    Jade is so cute and it looks like she makes up her own games such as Nose through the Ring, Catch the Pig! We think Ruby is also focusing on the positive and having a great time. We hope that you, Ducky and Tim have a great weekend!

    • Ande:

      I agree, Brenda. And I’m sure our girls would enjoy playing those games too … although they have their own games, like Hunt The Lizards and Carry The Sticks. :) You and Mattie have a good weekend too!

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