Plant Four-Leaf Clover

Plant four leaf clover Ducky Plant Four Leaf Clover

Good luck either happens or it doesn’t, right?  We can’t exactly control whether we’re lucky, can we?  Actually, we can.

Joyful Springers plant four-leaf clover.  They know they create good luck by living in expectation of receiving the good in life.

Luck isn’t as random as you think it is.  It comes in response to your dominant feeling.  If you feel put upon, resentful, or lacking, good luck will pass you by.  If you feel blessed, forgiving, and abundant, good luck will go out of its way to come to you.  You control what you grow in your life by the attitude you plant on a daily basis.  Why not grow a little “luck ‘o the Irish?” icon wink Plant Four Leaf Clover

[Ducky is very good at planting clover.  She expects good things to happen, so she makes sure she's always a very lucky dog.  icon smile Plant Four Leaf Clover ]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Andrea (Ande) Rains Waggener, is an author and fanatical dog mom and a practicing Joyful Springer.

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