Pursue The Heart-Catchers

Pursue the heartcatchers Sweet Pea and Audrey Pursue The Heart Catchers

Author Michael Nolan wrote, “There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart…pursue those.”

Joyful Springers pursue the heart-catchers.  They know their passions are a blueprint drawn by their souls, and if they follow the blueprint, they’ll be who they came here to be.

Whenever you’re facing a big life decision, about something like a job, a relationship, or a move, remember that you never have to figure anything out.  Your inner self  has already done the figuring, and he or she is directing you, by means of your passions.  When something makes your heart sing, it’s a direction you are meant to go.  If something feels like a should or a have to, you’re going the wrong way.

[Sweet Pea is back and she has her BFF, Audrey with her. Audrey, a gorgeous 2-year old boxer, belongs to the Neismans' neighbors, Bill and Mary.  Their last boxer, Gracie was Sweet Pea's first BFF, and after she passed away, the Neismans' helped Bill and Mary find Audrey, who pursued and caught the BFF position very quickly.  icon smile Pursue The Heart Catchers ]

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Go Limp

boxer go limp Go Limp

No pain no gain.  Try harder.  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  (Who has bootstraps anymore?)  Do these sage bits of wisdom sound familiar?

We were trained to try and control what happens in our life with effort and struggle.  We were taught to fight and wrestle our problems.

Not everything we learn is good for us.

Joyful Springers go limp.  They give up the need to work so hard, to struggle, and to attempt to control every part of their lives.

When you trust things to work out and you follow inspired guidance, you’ll not only be more relaxed, you’ll have more success in everything you do.

[Lofty is back.This happy nine-year old boxer from England clearly hasn't a care in the world!  icon smile Go Limp ]

 Go Limp

the secrets of dog training2 Go Limp

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Make The Most Of Your Bones

Boxer get the most from your bones Make The Most Of Your Bones

We live in a consumer society.  Ads to buy this or that bombard us daily.  A newer version of the latest doodad comes out every week.  Many of us go into debt trying to accumulate as much as we possibly can … and we’re rarely happier for it.

Joyful Springers make the most of their bones.  They savor the heck out of what they have instead of shoving it aside to chase after something new.

Do you get the most out of the gadgets and clothes and books and other possessions you own? If you’ve been yearning for some new thing you think you have to have, stop a second and really appreciate and use what you already have.  Relishing what’s in your life now will probably make you happier than any new whatsit ever could.

… another wise tidbit from a joyful BOXER.

[Lofty is back. This nine-year old boxer, who lives in England with his momma, Susan Dickson, "is loyal to anyone who has food" or bones.  icon smile Make The Most Of Your Bones And he clearly savors what he gets.   Thanks, Lofty, for guest starring again on The Joyful Springer!]

Would your pet like to be a Guest Star on The Joyful Springer? All animals can fit the definition of a Joyful Springer. Click here to find out how to submit your photo.

 Make The Most Of Your Bones

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Have An Underbite

boxer have an underbite Have An Underbite

When people get in our face and verbally attack us, it’s instinct to attack back.  But that kind of confrontation doesn’t serve us.  There’s a better way.

Joyful Springers have an underbite.  Instead of charging in with a growl and bite when confronted, they under-react.  They remain calm, listen if it’s appropriate, and walk away if it isn’t.

You don’t have to engage with people who are raring for a fight.  Stay in your own quiet energy and let them vent if they’re polite about it. If they aren’t, tell them to have a nice day and walk away.  Defensive reactions just escalate the negativity.  And who needs that?

… another wise tidbit from a joyful BOXER.

[Meet Lofty. This uniquely handsome nine-year old boxer is originally from Seville, Spain.  He was abandoned as a puppy, and his momma, Susan Dickson and her then husband, who was in the RAF and stationed in Gibraltar, adopted Lofty and took him back to England with them.  Susan says Lofty is her best friend.  Though some might find Lofty's natural expression intimidating, "He is," Susan says, "one of the happiest dogs I have ever known and loves everybody and everything." Thanks, Lofty, for being a Guest Star on The Joyful Springer!]

Would your pet like to be a Guest Star on The Joyful Springer? All animals can fit the definition of a Joyful Springer. Click here to find out how to submit your photo.

 Have An Underbite

the secrets of dog training2 Have An Underbite

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