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Most people have dreams that believe are unachievable;  they can only stand back and long for what they want from afar.

Joyful Springers insinuate themselves.  They find a way to feel, right now, as if their dream is reality.  By doing that, they put themselves in a mindset that gives them the guidance they need to turn that make-believe into actuality.

What do you want?  As long as you feel like you don’t have it, you’ll hold yourself apart from it.  Get into your dream by closing in on it in your imagination … then watch it come to life for real.

[Butch and Jeter are back.  Butch may have wanted to take a nap, but Jeter was working on his insinuation skills.  Judging from that sweet posture and look, I'd say he's a master of it already. icon smile Insinuate Yourself ]

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 Insinuate Yourself

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