Clamp But Slip

Clamp but slip Freckles Clamp But Slip

Having ideals is laudable, of course.  But they can go too far if we’re not careful.

Joyful Springers clamp but slip.  They hold on to their principles, but they don’t do it so tightly that they make no room for expanding their beliefs and values.

Often, the standards by which you live your life are built on information that can become out of date.  Whenever you find yourself in a conflict with others or you experience an unusual amount of stress in your life, ask yourself whether your struggles are related to being stuck to beliefs you’ve outgrown.  When you make your ideals a bit malleable, you can keep your honor while still giving yourself room to expand and become more.

[Freckles is back.  As you can tell, she has his ball clamped firmly in her mouth, but she's managed to slip loose her tongue so it's free to do other things, like express her joy.   icon smile Clamp But Slip ]

Andrea (Ande) Rains Waggener, is an author and fanatical dog mom and a practicing Joyful Springer.

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Sync You With You

Sync you with you Sync You With You

When we get out of alignment with all the truth of who we are, we accomplish but a shadow of what we’re capable of.

Joyful Springers sync themselves with themselves.  They understand that the parts of themselves they show the world and the feelings they have within and the values and desires they hold dear must all line up if they want their lives to be fun and fulfilling.

If you’re feeling overstressed or overanxious, it’s quite possible you’ve splintered yourself.  Take an inventory and ask yourself if all aspects of the outer you and inner you are in harmony with each other.  If they’re not, work to create that alignment, and you’ll find that stress and anxiety will fall away.

[Ducky is in perfect sync with all parts of herself, especially the Beach Ducky part! icon smile Sync You With You   By the way, you'll notice she's still wearing her brace on the beach, but it's just a precaution.  She appears to be fully healed, running like the wind after sandpipers and playing with friendly dogs when we encounter them.  The brace, which she wears just on her walks, is probably just "Momma's security blanket" now; but Ducky doesn't seem to mind wearing it.  icon smile Sync You With You ]

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 Sync You With You

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Keep Your Lead In Flurries

Keep your lead in flurries Ranger Keep Your Lead In Flurries

Life can get pretty chaotic.  Sometimes it can feel like we’re tiny flakes in a raging blizzard of responsibilities and decisions.

Joyful Springers keep their lead in flurries.  They know that when they remember who they are and what they stand for, they will always find their way.

When your life seems like it’s in a white-out, take some time to think about your values.    Your path is always clearer when you hook yourself to what matters to you most.

[Meet Ranger.  Lelia Morris fostered this handsome guy.  She says "Ranger's Dad got a long Army assignment and could not take him; so he came into rescue and was adopted by the Smith family in South Carolina.  He is now showered with love and kisses from three little girls." Thanks, Ranger, for being a Guest Star on The Joyful Springer.]

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 Keep Your Lead In Flurries

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Emerge bonnie Emerge

Winston Churchill said, “Out of intense complexities intense simplicities emerge.”

Joyful Springers emerge.  They understand that when life seems its most complicated, the way out of the thicket is putting attention not on all the intricacies of the situation but on the core of what’s desired from it.

Under everything you want to accomplish or solve is a core value–a way of being or feeling that you prioritize.  When you keep your core values in the forefront of your mind, you turn the complications of life into the simple intention to live true to what matters to you most.  And when you do that, things have a way of falling into place.

[Bonnie is back.  Barbara Dunn, this  lovely mixed breed's momma says, "Bonnie has played hide n' seek every day when I get home  from work since she first came to us.  She will hide behind trees but these bushes are her favorite.  She is good at helping me find my inner child after playing adult all day." icon smile Emerge ]

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pixel Emerge
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